Development: Road to Restoration @ La Finca

Click to download Powerpoint Presentation of the Master Plan

Restoring  lives.

La Casa de mi Padre has been in existence for almost eight years now. During this time we have come to have a better understanding of the children we serve. Taking care of their basic needs is very important but it is not enough to help us fulfill our mission of restoring our children’s hearts, relationships and lives.  Three years ago we embarked upon a new adventure by starting a long but necessary transition towards a therapeutical and family model of childcare. Our goal is to stop the dysfunctional patterns that have been going on in our children’s families for generations. Experience has taught us that in spite of being a long and sometimes even painful process, this was the right way to work and guarantee we would have a long term impact in the lives of these children.

Our plans for the future.

As part of La Casa de mi Padre’s development, we own a 28-acre farm located 10 miles outside of San Salvador, one mile off the highway to the airport. Our plan is to move to a permanent location that is more conducive to optimally serving the children.

Our development project  is divided in 3 phases:

Phase I – Includes the building of: 4 children’s homes (2 for boys and 2 for boys), an administration/counseling building, a pavilion, a guard house, a food storage building and a missionary house. This will allow La Casa to move all the children, staff and administration at the same time and start our operations.

Phase II Includes the building of 2 more children’s homes (1 for boys and 1 for boys), a visitor’s lodge and one staff house.

Phase III Includes the building of the last 2 children’s homes and 2 more staff houses.

Currently, thanks to the generous donations of friends La Casa has been able to build a beautiful chapel and a soccer field.  Often we bring our children –and sometimes even their family members- to La Finca to enjoy these facilities and the fresh air of the country side.

Our plans right now.

We will begin to share information with you regarding the development of the future homes for the children.  Currently we are grading for 4 homes. 


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