Different Perspective / Diferente Perspectiva

IMG_6767Carolina is one the girls who has been a part of the La Casa family along with her brother and sisters for twelve years. She is reserved, but she is a deep thinker and likes to analyze things a bit more than what meets the eye. Every other Saturday, she and the girls in her home participate in the equine therapy program on the farm. They travel along the same road week after week, a road with brush on both sides; but Carolina has a very different perspective.

While talking about dreams and goals with her friends, they discussed what they wanted to pursue while in university or where they would like to live in the future. They came upon the topic of what car they would want to own. A truck? A jeep? …. No, Carolina had a very different desire. Once she has a career and has saved money, she plans to buy a car that is parked down a small pathway on the way to the farm. It is a small, white Ford passed by each time one goes to the farm but probably not noticed by many. “Why this car?” was the question quickly asked. It is not a car that anyone would really want to own, and when it’s time for her to buy a car sure there will be other, better options. It is a car that has been abandoned alongside the road, probably has plants growing in the motor, covered by branches, dirty and without value. However, for Carolina, it is the car of her dreams, a car that represents something very special to her.

In her own words, “That car has value. It may not have value to someone who does not know, who thinks it is too old, who left it along the side of the road; but in my care, it is going to have value. I will restore it. And although people to do not understand why, this is the car that I know I want, it has to be that one, and it is important for me because it’s abandoned. It has value… like I have value.”

IMG_6017Carolina es una de las chicas que vive en La Casa desde hace 12 años junto con sus hermanas. Una chica reservada y profunda, siempre le gusta analizar un poco mas de lo que se ve a simple vista. Cada dos semanas los sábados las chicas asisten a equinoterapia en La Finca, y recorren el mismo camino que aparentemente es solo maleza a ambos lados de la calle pero es un paisaje diferente para Carolina.

Hablando de sueños e ideales con sus amigas, que profesión estudiar o donde vivir llegaron al tema de que carro le gustaría tener. Una camioneta, un jeep… No, Carolina tiene entre sus metas algo diferente. Una vez tenga un trabajo y un ingreso, ella planea comprar un carro que se encuentra camino La Finca , un carro Ford del que conoce detalles, que ha visto más de una vez y que probablemente muchos ni lo han notado. Por que ese carro? No es un carro que cualquiera quisiera tener, es un carro que se encuentra abandonado al lado de la carretera, cubierto por ramas, sucio, sin valor, pero para ella es el carro de sus sueños, y es que ese carro representa algo especial para ella.

Como lo dijo con sus propias palabras: “Ese carro es valioso, no tiene valor para la gente que no lo conoce pero es un carro antiguo, hermoso, alguien lo dejo ahí abandonado porque no sabia el valor que tiene, en mis manos ese carro va a tener valor de nuevo y va a ser restaurado y aunque la gente no entienda   ese es el carro que yo quiero por que lo conozco, y tiene valor así como lo tengo yo”



2 thoughts on “Different Perspective / Diferente Perspectiva

  1. Great story. I hope she is able to someday get that car and restore it and value it as it should be. Of course this story is much more than about an old car, she has learned to value life and I pray she will be blessed. Carolina has beauty both inside and outside.

  2. Carolina … Most people don’t see the value of restoration. You have a gift from God. I’m thankful to have read your story.

    Much love!

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