Get Your Move On! / Somos Felices!

Last month, a study was released naming the happiest countries in the world.  Tiny little El Salvador was rated number 10 in the whole world!  And…just to keep up with the latest viral videos, La Casa created its own Happy La Casa video just to share our happiness.  Hope you enjoy and share so others can smile today too. Get your move on!

El mes pasado se realizó un estudio para reconocer los países más felices del planeta. El pequeño El Salvador ocupó el lugar número 10! Así que… que uniéndonos a  los videos que se están compartiendo en internet, en La Casa hicimos nuestra propia versión para compartir nuestra alegría. Esperamos que disfruten! Muévete!


One thought on “Get Your Move On! / Somos Felices!

  1. You all were so good! And Mr. Powell, who knew you had such dance moves! 🙂 I loved this and it made me homesick for my family away from family. Pray all of you are doing well and really are happy 🙂 The house dads were AWESOME…they need to work on some of those boys; and as usual, Juan was great!! Take care, hugs and prayers to all of you La Casa family!!! xxxoooxxxooo

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