A Special Reunion

IMG_4843There are many statistics out there about the number of “orphans” in our world. The latest statistics from UNICEF report that there are approximately 132 million orphans in the world. A number like that is so hard to get our heads around. We just know that it is huge! However, UNICEF also reports that out of that 132 million, only about 13 million have lost both parents. That means a staggering 119 million children around the world who have been counted in the orphan statistics DO have at least one parent still living. That often makes it very hard to place these children up for adoption. Our situation has been similar. Most of the children we serve do have family, although situations have required that the children live apart.

IMG_4697Our goal is to provide a loving family atmosphere for our children to grow and experience family life, with the desire that they would choose to turn the tides on generational patterns and want to model their own family in very different way. However, that doesn’t change the deep desire within each of their hearts to know their family. We have made extensive efforts to find family and begin to work with them to bring about healing and set future generations on a different course. In additional to home visits each week, every other Saturday, we encourage family members to visit, hosting a variety of activities including literacy courses, parent education classes, counseling sessions, intentional time to share, and a lunch that all help to serve and clean up afterwards. Our children are so eager for these visits. They wake up early, get all IMG_4854cleaned up, often make cards to give away, and gather notebooks or grades from school to share with their families. They are learning to connect.

This past Saturday was a special day for us within La Casa. A group of ADOC volunteers prepared interactive games and activities to share with our children and families. It was a special time to make new memories. As well, we were able to meet two new family members of one of our older boys. Mom and four out of six of her children along with grandchildren were together….the first time in forever! What a joyous reunion! God has a plan beyond what we can think or imagine, to heal hearts and restore family life.

“He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents..” Malachi 4:6

IMG_4687Una reunión especial
Existen muchas estadísticas acerca de la cantidad de huérfanos en el mundo. Las últimas ofrecidas por la UNICEF reportan aproximadamente 132 millones de huérfanos en el mundo. Un número demasiado grande de realizar, solo sabemos que es enorme! Aunque la UNICEF reporta 132 millones, solo aproximadamente 13 millones han perdido a ambos padres lo que quiere decir que sorprendentemente 119 millones de los niños que han sido incluidos en los registros TIENEN a uno de sus padres con vida. Esto dificulta los procesos de adopción. Nuestra situación ha sido similar.

Nuestro propósito es ofrecer un ambiente de familia para que nuestros chicos conozcan y experimenten un ambiente de familia saludable, con la intención de que ellos tengan la capacidad de cambiar el rumbo de los patrones generacionales y quieran ser modelo a sus propias familias. Aun así, esto no cambia el profundo deseo en cada uno de sus corazones de conocer a su propia familia. Hemos hecho muchos esfuerzos para encontrar a sus familias y comenzar a trabajar con ellos y ofrecer sanidad para las futuras generaciones. Además de las visitas a las familias cada semana, cada dos sábados animamos a los familiares a visitar a los chicos, preparamos diferentes actividades, cursos de alfabetización, escuelas para padres, consejerías, tiempo programado para compartir y almuerzo en el que todos participan en servir y limpiar. Los chicos se levantan temprano, hacen tarjetas para sus familiares, traer sus libros y sus calificaciones para compartirlo con sus familias. Están aprendiendo a conectarse.

IMG_4733Este sábado fue especial para nosotros en La Casa. Un grupo de voluntarios de ADOC preparó juegos y actividades para compartir con los chicos y sus familias. Una gran oportunidad de hacer nuevas memorias. También pudimos conocer a dos miembros más de la familia de uno de nuestros chicos mayores. La madre y cuatro de sus seis hijos con sus nietos se reunieron… por primera vez en la vida!! Que enorme gozo!! Dios tiene planes más allá de lo que pensamos o imaginamos, para sanar corazones y restaurar familias.

El hará volver el corazón de los padres hacia los hijos, y el corazón de los hijos hacia los padres” Malaquias 4:6


3 thoughts on “A Special Reunion

  1. Awesome!!! Looking forward to hearing more about this family and the reunion. Praying for all the children and their family time and for those without family that have no one to visit them I pray for peace and comfort on the family days. Phyllis

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