Wonderful Things can Happen in Just One Week.

Have you ever experienced moving from one house to another?  You’ve sorted, cleaned, packed everything, even wrapped items that were fragile very carefully and loaded the truck.  Then, you look around the empty house and realize that there is so much more to the place you call home than all of your belongings. We’ve found this to be true during our season of teams.

La Casa has played host to various groups throughout this year.  These groups have been in our home.  They’ve had projects to do, purchases to be made and even planned special surprises. They have helped us clean, create new areas, and given old areas a new look.  They’ve cared for our health and loved on our neighbors and families.  In all of the comings and goings of each team, God has done wonderful things in the lives within La Casa and with each person who has been our guest. Amazing how wonderful things can happen in just one week. But… when we look back at these special times shared, isn’t it the intangible that becomes the most valuable?  We cherish the smiles, the faces, the laughter, the hugs, the tears, the walking, playing and sitting together. Those become engrained into our minds and hearts.  They leave each one of us feeling loved. Thanks to all our groups who not only left a project completed, but part of your heart behind as well.  We hope El Salvador found a special place in your heart too!

Lo que llevamos con nosotros

Alguna vez te has mudado de casa, empacar maletas, ver que todo este en orden, el camión, empacar delicadamente lo frágil, y cuando todo está listo das una mirada atrás y te das cuenta que todo lo que esta empacado no se compara con lo que has vivido en ese lugar que llamaste hogar?

Hemos tenido en La Casa varios grupos y para nosotros ha sido como recibirlos en nuestro hogar, y en medio de desarrollos de proyectos, compra de materiales, sorpresas, tours, ires y venires seguro Dios ha hecho cosas maravillosas en las vidas de cada uno de los que nos han visitado, cosas maravillosas pueden pasar en tan solo una semana!!, y el tiempo compartido y lo que cada uno se lleva consigo, lo más valioso resulta ser intangible, memorias, sonrisas, lágrimas, vida.  Gracias a cada uno de los grupos que mas que venir a ayudarnos en algún proyecto en especial, han dejado parte de su corazón y seguro llevan parte de El Salvador con ustedes.


One thought on “Wonderful Things can Happen in Just One Week.

  1. Heart warming to see all the work being done at La Casa and La Finca and being done for HIS glory! Thank you Lord for teams!!

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