Our Vacations!

This past week was Holy Week, which is always a vacation week from school in El Salvador.  As with any child, it is a time to disconnect from the hectic routine of school and homework and have a little bit of time to do some things they enjoy while resting to begin new stretch of the school year with renewed energy. Our kids are no exception.  Below, you will find some snapshots of the week, from just relaxing, spinning tops, having a sleepover, being invited to the beach, to having a special family visit in the boys’s home.

Nuestras Vacaciones!

La Semana Santa para nuesros niños, niñas y adolescentes es un tiempo para desconectarse de la rutina de los estudios y tener tiempo para hacer las cosas que les gustan y de esta forma poder comenzar con nuevas energías otro trimestre de clases. Abajo encontrarán algunas imagenes de sus pasatiempos favoritos como pijamadas, escuchar música, jugar en la computadora, un viaje a la playa y una visita muy especial que recibió la casa de varones.

Computers EscuchandoMusica IMG_9283 Trompo Trompo2 PijamadaKelly PijamadaKelly2 IMG_9243 IMG_9266 8071_269419209858980_1331629013_n 521471_269182856549282_1804649414_n SalonDay ReadingBook SAM_2449 SAM_2454 SAM_2568 SAM_2354 SAM_2352 SAM_2372 SAM_2367 SAM_2370 SAM_2364 SAM_2331 SAM_2342 305975_10151534774431293_1039601647_n 881977_10200864669677001_301806490_o 734549_10200864667156938_423653151_n 407986_10200864666636925_1006118853_n 299201_10200864665796904_1964393736_n


One thought on “Our Vacations!

  1. Great photos! Thank you for sharing these with us. So is this a Bible lesson being taught where I see the boy’s feet being washed?

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