It’s Beginning to Look a Like Christmas

For several years now, we have been blessed by a donation from My Father’s House International to be used to bless the families in two communities that surround our farm with a Christmas party.  It is not only a blessing for these families who possibly would celebrate this special time of the year with only a cup of hot chocolate, but this is a blessing to our home to be able to give.  Plans have been in the making for a while, and gifts were purchased last week for over 200 children.  The girls packaged the gifts yesterday and decorated sugar cookies.  Let us share with you a few pictures to help you get into the spirit off this special season.

By Sharon Powell

photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo-9 photo-10 photo-11 photo-12 photo-13 photo-14 photo-15 photo-17

One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look a Like Christmas

  1. Awesome, what a wonderful time it looks like everyone was having getting things ready. I’m thinking next year we wait and come down later and help you all get ready for the party and bring the backpacks then so we can help out! From our family to the Powell family, the La Casa family, and the community families we wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Prayer and love to all from Bob, Phyllis and Chris Rouse.

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