Thank you Faithbridge!

“No one has ever paid any attention to our family before Juan came into our lives.  I never expected such a gift from God.  I never dreamed of anything like this ever happening. It feels so good to have people from so far away visit, support, and love us,” said Benigno (Juan’s uncle).

Last week, a group from Faithbridge Church in Houston, Texas came to specifically minister to Juan’s family.  They mixed sand, gravel and cement by hand to put in a concrete floor, which previously had been just dirt.   When it rained, their home would flood, and the floor would quickly turn to mud.  This team also covered their outdoor kitchen area with a roof.  Their diligent, hard work paid off.  Their mission was accomplished within the week; and the hope, love, and words of encouragement shared will last a lifetime.  Their actions demonstrated God’s love to this special family.

May God richly bless you for your love and service!

By Diana de Rodríguez, Director of Communications

Edited by Sharon Powell

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¡Gracias Faithbridge!

 “Nadie se acordaba de nuestra familia hasta que Juan vino a nuestras vidas. Nunca esperé recibir este regalo del Señor, nunca soñé que algo así nos pasara a nosotros. Se siente tan bien tener personas de tan lejos que nos visitan, apoyan y nos aman.” Nos dice Benigno (Tío de Juan).

La semana pasada un grupo de Faithbridge Church de Houston, Texas, vino específicamente a trabajar en la casa de la  familia de Juan. Ellos mezclaron arena, grava y pusieron cemento en el piso que anteriormente era de tierra; cuando llovía, su casa se inundaba y se llenaba de lodo. Este grupo también colocó un techo en la cocina de leña. Diligentemente realizaron este trabajo sin costo alguno, completaron su misión durante una semana. La esperanza, el amor y palabras de aliento compartidas durarán para toda la  vida; sus acciones reflejaron el amor de Dios para esta familia.

¡Que Dios les bendiga abundantemente por su amor y servicio! 

Por Diana de Rodríguez, Directora de Comunicaciones
Editado por Sharon Powell

One thought on “Thank you Faithbridge!

  1. This is what it’s all about…I’m ready to come do some work! Juan will be smiling so big his face will hurt! How wonderful to minister to his family and show God’s love to them through physical labor, love for Juan, and by sharing the gospel with them… it makes ME smile from ear to ear!

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