From One Mom to Another

Norys our Social Worker with Jenny´s daughters

“I bought some breakfast and headed to Jenny’s home.  She and her two little girls ate, and then I helped to get the girls ready for the day ahead.  We all took a bus and went to The National Maternity Hospital,” shared Norys, our social worker, during a staff meeting. The staff all looked at each other with amazement and asked, “Did you really go to Jenny’s home?  That is a very dangerous area, and it is not exactly close by.”  She responded naturally, “Of course I did. I wasn’t scared because I arrived early in the morning and it is very peaceful at that time. It was necessary to go get her so that I could help with the girls and get her to the doctor.”

Two pretty girls at La Casa (Jenny´s daughters)

Jenny, a sister of one of the children in La Casa, is only twenty-three years old. She lives with her husband and their two daughters in a dangerous area. She was pregnant; and due to poor economic circumstances, she had not been seeing a doctor throughout her pregnancy. Jenny thought the baby could be born at any time.

Norys shared, “I took Jenny to have an ultrasound. She was excited as this was her first sonogram ever, and the girls were jumping with joy to see their new little sibling on the screen. When the doctor told us that Jenny would be having a boy, their faces lit up with joy.”

Waiting for a new baby brother!

Jenny, who lost her mother years ago, found a friend in Norys. She encouraged Jenny, gave her space to talk, and a listening ear. Being a mom herself, Norys could relate. Jenny found someone in whom she could trust and gained confidence in herself to carry on even in the midst of many trials.

Finally, the day came and Alejandro was welcomed into the world Saturday, March 4.  He is a very healthy and beautiful boy. The road ahead is not easy for this young family, so we invite you to join us in prayer for Jenny and her husband as they continue their journey in loving and supporting little Alejandro and their two girls.

By Diana de Rodriguez, Director of Communications
Edited by Sharon Powell

One thought on “From One Mom to Another

  1. Beautiful story that put a smile on my face and the photos made it an even BIGGER smile! So glad that Alejandro is here and that mom and baby are doing well. Thankful that God put Norys in that place at that time when she was most needed and protected her. Will pray for that family and their safety and for God to open the door for them to move somewhere safer for all of them. Prayers, hugs and kisses to all! Phyllis

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