Saturdays at La Finca


Claudia on Spirit / Claudia montando Spirit

By Whitney Powell
Growing up there have always been two constants in my life: children and horses. Over the years I have grown to be passionate about both, but especially the children at La Casa. So when I went to college 5 years ago I knew that I wanted to study something that I could bring back and use to help them. Half way through my college career, I decided to change majors and just over a year ago I graduated with a degree in Therapeutic Horsemanship. While studying this unique major, God gave me a dream. That dream was to start a riding center on the farm for the children at La Casa to enjoy and learn from. When I came back to El Salvador last year I figured that my dream was something that would come about years down the road, however; God had other plans. In August of this year He gave us two horses. It has been a crazy journey trying to get on my feet, but through His grace and mercy things are finally coming together.

The past two Saturdays have been my dream come true. A small group of children from La Casa have been able to come out to the farm and begin receiving riding lessons. Even though we have the bare minimum of equipment the children have enjoyed learning to balance and steer the horses.


Carolina on Serena / Carolina montando Serena

As I taught last Saturday, I could not help but smile as I watched God work in each one of the children, but especially in Carolina. She showed up to the farm with an attitude and refused to participate while the others helped me brush the horses. When it came time for her to ride she was still not wanting to have any involvement in what was going on. I ignored this and put her up on Serena, the taller of the two horses. I should also add that Serena can have an attitude at times as well. The two were a great match. As the lesson progressed from doing some light stretching to learning how to start and stop the horse, Carolina’s demeanor changed as well. She started out hunched over and clinging to the horse for dear life, but by the end of the lesson she was sitting up straight and steering her horse quite well. She enjoyed it so much that she did not want to get off her horse. This week Carolina was the first to jump out of the car and was ready to ride.

I knew that the children would love riding but did not expect to see such a quick change in them. I cannot wait to see the growth in the children and what all will come out of these lessons. I know that God has a plan to do great things through the horses and it brings joy to my heart to know that I will be apart of it all.

Diana bathing Serena / Diana bañando a Serena


Sábados en La Finca

Por Whitney Powell

Salvador loving on Spirit / Salvador dando cariño a Spirit

Crecí con dos cosas permanentes en mi vida: niños y caballos. A traves de los años, he llegado a tener una pasión por las dos cosas pero los niños de La Casa han sido muy especiales para mí. Entonces cuando me fui a sacar una carrera universitaria hace 5 años sabía que quería estudiar algo para ayudar a esos niños. Pero a la mitad de mi carrera decidí  cambiar y hace un poquito más de un año me gradué con una licenciatura en equinoterapia. Mientras estudiaba, Dios me dio un sueño, la cual era el de empezar un centro de equinoterapia en la finca para que los niños de La Casa pudieran aprender a montar. Cuando regrese a El Salvador hace un año, pensé que mi sueño era algo que iba a realizarse cuando yo fuera mayor. Pero Dios tenía otros planes y en Agosto de este año me regaló (y a La Casa también) dos caballos. Y solo por la misericordia de Dios he logrado empezar este proyecto.

En los últimos sábados he visto realizar mi sueño con un pequeño grupo de niños que han llegado a la finca para conocer y empezar a montar los caballos. Me alegra ver que les haya gustado aunque no tenemos mucho equipo para montar.

Diana: "Taking care of my horse" / Diana: "Cuidando mi caballo"

El sábado de la semana pasada no pude parar de sonreír porque vi a Dios tocar los corazones de los niños, pero me impactó más como tocó a Carolina. Ella llegó a la finca sin ganas de participar. No quiso ayudarme a cepillar los caballos y mucho menos montar. Yo decidí que era mejor no hacerle caso y la subí a la yegua Serena, quien es la más alta y también tiene un carácter fuerte. Hicieron una pareja perfecta. Durante el transcurso de la clase, Carolina cambio. Empezamos con unos ejercicios y después pasamos a controlar el caballo haciendo altos y luego haciendo que caminara el caballo. Cuando se subió a la yegua Serena, Carolina estaba bien agachada y no soltaba la yegua. Pero cuando termino la clase ella estaba sentada bien recta y controlaba bien a la yegua. Quedo encantada y ni quiso bajar. Esta semana Carolina fue la primera en bajar del carro y querer montarse.

Yo sabía que les iba a gustar los caballos pero no esperaba ver un cambio tan rápido en los niños. No aguanto para ver los otros cambios  y cómo evolucionan a traves de estas clases. Dios tiene un plan perfecto para este programa y estoy gozando el privilegio de participar en él.


2 thoughts on “Saturdays at La Finca

  1. Whitney-
    I have tears in my eyes after reading your blog and seeing the pictures of the kids with the horses…..but they are tears of joy and wonder at how God works in our lives to effect His plan!!!
    Praise the Lord for your persistence and desire enabling this dream.
    There is a reason God gave us animals (Gen 1:26) ………doesn’t everything seem right when we take care of animals and use them in a manner that pleases Him?
    Don’t hesitate to put more pictures of the horses and the kids in action.

  2. Whitney…I am SOOO excited for you…as I read your blog the smile on my face exploded and I was thrilled for you, the children, even the horses!! And then my next thought was….thank you God for giving her this love and passion and I pray You will use it and this special young lady to make a difference in the lives of our children using your creation of the horse and the knowledge she gained while at college. Keep it up daughter! And I love the photos so keep posting more of them for us to see…xxxooo

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